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Monday, July 14, 2014

Goodbye Boston, Hello Michigan!

Goodbye Boston, Hello Michigan!

My, oh my, what a year it has been. Last May Chris got down on one knee to ask my hand in marriage. Even though it was just a formality to our four years of dating, there is something really magical about being married. There is a deeper sense of commitment for the long haul and I am so happy to be on this wild journey with someone as loyal, caring, smart, and down right handy as Chris. He brings a stability to my life that I have welcomed so much (the people closest to me will know what I mean by this!).

It wasn't soon after being married that our relationship would take the next step; a baby! Although our little boy is not due until August, he has already rocked our world. At four in a half weeks the nauasea set in and by the end of five so did the frequent vomiting. I had the joy of being sick 24/7 for the first couple months. Thank goodness it has subsided greatly. Although, I still get reminded now and again of what it's like to feel sick and this reminds me to be grateful for all my healthy days!

In the midst of illness we received exciting news, Chris got a job! Hurray, finally!! But wait, the job was in Michigan. For Chris this is returning home to friends, family and familiarity. For me, it is a whole new start leaving all I know behind. Within a month of interviewing, Chris would start his job. Nothing like a speedy move during winter. I was lucky to have the flexibility to take my time to say goodbye. It's bittersweet to love so much, but I feel grateful everyday for all the amazing relationships I have to come back to when visiting Boston. 

If it wasn't enough adjustment dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum, the move, being a pregnant gypsy for three months (so Chris could start his job in Ann Arbor and I could finish my business in Boston), my Big Sis was diagnosed with cancer in the beginning of March. This has rocked my world in more ways than I realized. Looking back I guess my mind could only partially process all the change. It wasn't until I returned "home" in Michigan a few weeks ago from my visit to Utah that I was really able to start unfolding the layers of how I feel. For the past months I have been riding the wave of my sister's courage, determination, and spark for adventure despite all of her trials; this has kept me mostly worry-free. Well you know what, underneath it all I am down right angry, confused, and feel helpless. But it is amazing how quickly her energy and drive reminds me to be mindful not to get caught up in the emotions of fear, but to embrace today for what it is. And today, well today is a beautiful day!

This post is to all my loved ones that I miss so dearly. And to my sister for being my hero. 

Can't wait to share the news of our little guy's arrival! 4.5 weeks to go and counting down each and every day!

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